RPM awarded 5 Gold Anchor and Clean Marina certificate

Royal Phuket Marina have announced that they have become the first marina in Thailand to be awarded the 5 Gold Anchor and Clean Marina certificate.

Accredited by the operators of the Gold Anchor award scheme, The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) and the Marina Industries Association (MIA), this award has been designed to recognize a small but increasing number of marinas in the world which cater for a very discerning customer base whose high level of service and facilities cater for yachts and more importantly, owners and their crew. 

“Royal Phuket Marina is a marina with a capacity of 100 yachts. Our site includes luxury apartments, villas, and exclusive retailers with numerous food and beverage outlets. Royal Phuket Marina is approximately 30 minutes to Phuket International Airport. Royal Phuket Marina’s outstanding customer service and excellent facilities which ultimately achieve to the 5 Gold Anchor and Clean Marina standard.”

As the Marina Manager, Ben Mccrory, explains, “Royal Phuket Marina facilities, high quality food and beverage and well landscaped uplands are all essential to achieve the 5 Gold and Clean Marina standard, the key however is world-leading customer service through high quality 24 hours service security for the need of the owner, guest, captain and crew and congratulate the marina team for achieving this standard.”

Commenting on the professionalism and dedication of Royal Phuket Marina team, Gold Anchor Assessor, Alistair Skinner, states, “The systems used to manage the entire marina operations are exceptionally well thought through and adhered to by the entire team. The level of refinement to ensure the highest quality of service. Especially the quality of water and fuel is very good and it’s was impressive.”

The Gold Anchor scheme is a global marina accreditation designed to improve marina standards and the experience of marina users. Gold Anchor marinas are subject to independent audits by industry experts and on-going verification including customer surveys. These involve in 6 categories with 88 very stringent evaluations It operates in a similar way to the star rating system for consumers selecting guest accommodation.

“We are very proud that we are the first Marina in Thailand to be awarded the 5 Gold Anchor and Clean Marina.”

TYBA Thailand