About the TYBA

The Thai Yachting Business Association, formerly the Thai Marine Business Association, was founded in 2014 and is a non-profit marine leisure industry association serving yacht builders, yacht charter operators and brokers, yacht sales brokerage and dealerships, marinas, yacht repairs and refit, yacht management and other yachting-related companies throughout Thailand. The primary objective of the TYBA is to promote Thailand to the global Yachting community and introduce its unparalleled exotic cruising grounds from the Gulf of Siam to the Andaman Sea , its network of top class marinas and its prime location for quality refit and marine services .

What are the benefits of being a TYBA member?

The mission of the TYBA is to enable the networking of all marine leisure industry stakeholders in Thailand to enhance the growth, value, safety and quality of yachting in Thailand for the benefit of its membership and helping the industry to overcome any challenges that may arise. The TYBA works with the Marine Department of the Ministry of Transport and the Tourism Authority of Thailand to resolve issues that affect its members.

What can your company or business do for the TYBA?

Tell us about the issues that affect your business and what you need us to do to try to address these issues. Individual companies cannot lobby the relevant government departments for changes to policies, this must be done through a recognised association such as the TYBA. The TYBA is your voice, please use it.